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Boost your performance, profits, and protection

DOCUTRACK, an app from the Adaptive Driving Alliance (ADA), offers customized, proven technology that increases efficiency, boosts profitability, reduces liability, improves training, streamlines communications, and separates shops from their competition. Most importantly, DOCUTRACK leads to greater customer trust and a better overall experience.

Communication Module

Sends customers reminders about preventative checkups, alerts them when work has started or finished on their vehicle, and enables them to sign electronically. Also eliminates the need to print, scan, and upload forms.

Service Module

Uses photos and videos to build customer trust and increase revenue

Installation Module

Drives quality to every mobility installation

Training Module

Enables techs to improve their skills and efficiency

Risk Management Module

Provides documentation to protect shops from false claims

Auditing Module

Allows auditing of any installation directly from your computer

What people are saying?

Documentation. That is one of the biggest things that a dealer can do to protect their company in the event of a claim. DOCUTRACK has advanced documentation where a picture says a thousand words.

Patrick DeNobrega

PSA Insurance

Had a client who adjusted hand controls on their own and was unable to drive the vehicle. They had to have it towed into the dealership. Because of the pictures, we were able to show that was not how we installed them. Customer admitted they adjusted them.

Stephen Lanter

Southern Bus & Mobility

Less call backs. With someone doing a secondary inspection, things get caught before it’s delivered to the customer and prevents call backs and more labor costs.

Dean Brock

Goldline Mobility

As an owner, it's difficult to see all the installations from all of our technicians, especially when you have more than one branch. DOCUTRACK not only allows everything to be stored in one database, I’m able to review it. I'm able to go back and look at multiple installations at one time.

Dan Walsh

Bussani Mobility LLC

Gives accountability to technician and offers a second set of eyes. Secondary inspection brings more confidence for what we’ve done for the customer.

Stephen Lanter

Southern Bus & Mobility

Warranties are auto-submitted instead of having to fill out the card and mail it in.

Dustin K

Iowa Mobility

The ability to look at other shop’s installations, especially with hand controls, provides great guidance.

Mike Kramer


It made my audit so easy. Saved a ton of time.

Ed Shelpman

Keystone Coachworks

Helps with time. Everything is done and you can refer back to the pictures.

Elaine Lantigua

Mobility Transportation Systems

Worked well for training our new person.

Jordan Lloyd

Superior Van & Mobility

Less room for error because you go step-by-step.

Eileen Joseph

Bussani Mobility

Setup and configuration is extremely crucial. So now with DOCUTRACK, it's definitely going to make it easy to make sure that the set up that's so critical is being abided by.

Mario Sanchez

Q’Straint / Sure Lok

You really can use the product not only just for the technicians who do the installations, but as a training tool, to go back and look at the work and see what they're doing. It's really a great training tool.

Sonia Robinson


Easy to use. Customer/vehicle setup is simple and job setup is easy. Installers picked it up very quickly with very little training and instruction.

Larry Meyer

Southern Bus & Mobility

Really like the customer forms. Being able to go in and review everything from all sides. Techs being able to do intake forms and be able to go back and look at those really help.

Yasmine Baksh

Auto Express South

I think it's a welcome addition to make sure that we have standardized work and we're sure that each installation is performed correctly per manufacturer specifications every time.

Pat Foy

Bruno Independent Living Aids

We like to show customers the installation pictures to show proper installation.

Steve Warneche

Southern Bus & Mobility

A manufacturer claimed a problem was because of the installation, the pictures showed it was done according to their specifications.

Matt Elswick


I love the app!

Neil Ferdine



Communication Module

Bussani Mobility

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