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PSA Dealer Testimonials


“We saved nearly 25% by switching to PSA, so we were able to increase our coverage and still save money.” John Bussani, President Bussani Mobility

“Pat DeNobrega is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have had a few claims and they were handled quickly and fairly. We have saved money as well.” Richard W. May, President United Access

“The ADA partnership with PSA has resulted in tremendous cost saving to our company’s bottom line.” Mark DiRosa, M.C. Mobility

"For many years all I got from my previous carriers was a binder and a bill. Pat DeNobrega and the team at PSA took the time to evaluate, educate, monitor and understand my business. They made recommendations to assure we operated safely and comply with State, Federal and OSHA regulation. I appreciate their involvement as a partner rather than a vendor." Tom Lorentz, Main Mobility

"PSA has delivered what they promised with lower rates every year. It is nice to be rewarded for a clean history from an insurance company for once." Scott Fenton, Fenton Mobility

“Thank you to the ADA for opening the doors to an insurance provider who not only offers the most competitive rates with the highest level of customer service, but understands our industry and our unique needs.” Ride-Away

“PSA Insurance has been the best we’ve ever had. In my opinion, it is one of the best things ADA has ever done.” Richard W. May, President United Access

“PSA has easily saved me 30% of what I was paying.” Tom Lorentz, Main Mobility