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National Service Network

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We sometimes take for granted that someone knowledgeable will be available to service the product we purchase after we purchase it. This is not always the case in the mobility industry.

Some manufacturers direct you to the local brake and muffler shop. While these businesses may excel at the work in which they specialize, they are rarely trained in the highly specialized adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications.

If your equipment fails at 11:00 PM after an evening at the theatre, who can you call? Your road service will have no idea what to do with your wheelchair or scooter and less of an idea how to get your lift or ramp back in the vehicle so you can lock your car! And the manufacturer sure cannot help.

Only when you buy from an Adaptive Driving Alliance (ADA) dealer do you get the peace of mind of a national service network for a wide range of products. All ADA dealers are factory trained and certified by the manufacturers to service your product correctly.

24-Hour Emergency Service

All ADA dealers offer 24-hour emergency service. With a simple phone call, they can walk you through the back-up system and get you back on the road. If necessary, they will come out to you to get you safe and home.

You are much less likely to have a problem with your wheelchair accessible van conversion, wheelchair lift, scooter lift, hand control or tie down when you buy from an ADA member. The ADA member technician has been trained on the accessible conversion, wheelchair lift, scooter lift, hand control or tie down. The ADA members most often use the products of the ADA manufacturer, meaning you have the best product in the industry.

On the road? Did you relocate? Sometimes even the best products need service. By simply looking at the list of ADA members and going there for service, you can be sure that your repair will be handled on a priority basis by technicians trained and certified to do top quality work. Your warranty work will be done as you had agreed with your selling dealer.

And many of the members offer vehicle rentals so if you need to travel locally while they repair your vehicle, you can make arrangements right there!

You travel with peace of mind when you travel with the ADA!