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Risk Management


The Adaptive Driving Alliance partnered with PSA Financial to bring the most comprehensive Risk Management System to the mobility industry. ADA dealers can now control their own destinies in the world of insurance. This exclusive program allows them to lock in long-term, high-quality affordable insurance coverage, eliminating the threat of being left without quality protection.


Dealers participating in the PSA/ADA buying program have exclusive access to our Risk Management System, which explains best practices throughout the mobility industry. It contains policies, procedures and documentation that help you control and mitigate your losses. Upon joining the ADA Property & Casualty Insurance Buying Program, you will have immediate access to the Risk Management Manual that will help you protect your business like a Fortune 1000 company. A tool like this is normally available only to the largest companies with dedicated risk management staffs.


Litigation can drain an organization’s finances and management’s time and energy. By instituting a coordinated defense, the program has been able to release dealers from claims much earlier in the process, thus eliminating significant legal costs which helps lower long-term rates. To help ease the defense burden, our program provides a dedicated claims management team, claims advocate, insurance attorney and a host of other insurance industry experts who work closely with you and walk you through every step of the process, from notice of claim through final disposition. This team is responsible for the successful and cost-effective resolution of your product liability claims. Working side-by-side with you, these allies will help you defend your company, avoid litigated claims, and manage your overall cost of risk.


An internal ADA Insurance Committee comprised of industry professionals, ADA board members, ADA dealers and representatives from PSA and Tower Group meets quarterly to discuss mobility industry trends, dealer concerns and other issues relevant to the mobility industry. They pay special attention to loss reduction strategies and how mobility dealers can better protect and grow their businesses.


PSA and Tower Group share loss-run and profitability information with the ADA to help ensure that premiums are in line with the risk conditions of the group, thereby making sure the premiums remain affordable and fair to both the dealers and the carrier. This partnership has been in place for over 5 years now and has greatly helped over half of all ADA Mobility Dealers nationwide with their insurance requirements. Coupling this with the prompt, attentive service dealers are receiving from PSA, it has been a win/win for all involved.


The correct information is critical to keep protected in today’s ever-changing legal market. Our program keeps you informed of trends, risks and best practices. Here is a sample PSA bulletin available to participating dealers.


A great way to determine the value of any program is a peer review. Click here to see what others are saying about this valuable resource.
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To take advantage of this exclusive benefit of the Adaptive Driving Alliance, contact:

Pat DeNobrega
PSA Insurance & Financial Services
11311 McCormick Road, 5th Floor
Hunt Valley, MD 21031-8622
443.798.7495 Direct Line
585.738.2954 Mobile
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