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Finance & Affordability


A wheelchair accessible vehicle is an expensive investment and it goes along with many other expensive investments you need to make. Below are some links to possible funding sources that may help with the adaptations.


Financing available for adaptive equipment

Making mobility affordable and finding a solution that works for you , and your budget. That is the goal of the Adaptive Driving Alliance (ADA) financing program through LendingUSA.  It allows individuals to spread the cost of adaptive equipment, evaluations and training into affordable monthly payments, helping you get behind the wheel faster! For more information, click here or ask your local ADA Dealer about the Adaptive Driving Alliance financing program.


Each state maintains a Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. These departments focus on helping prepare people with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives. Through programs and services, individuals with disabilities receive the assistance they need to enter or return to the workplace and thus to become productive and independent taxpayers and citizens. To find your state’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation click here


Are you a veteran? See what adaptive equipment you qualify for. Click here for a summary of the benefits available to you for your service to our country, including an auto grant of over $19,000 as well as adaptive equipment reimbursements for equipment or wheelchair accessible vans. 


If you are looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle and need adaptive equipment, many auto manufacturers provide assistance toward the purchase of that equipment when installed on a new vehicle. Click here for a list of manufacturers and a description of their reimbursements.


The Mobility Resource has created a comprehensive state-by-state listing of funding opportunities for wheelchair vans. Click here to find the opportunities in your state.


Most states offer Assistive Technology loan programs or Alternative Finance Programs (AFP) for adaptive equipment for your vehicle. Click here to find the opportunities in your state.


Adaptive Driving Alliance dealers provide the best of both worlds. As mobility experts, they’re here to solve your personal mobility needs, whether it’s installing equipment onto your existing vehicle or providing a new or pre-owned wheelchair van. As auto dealers, they offer all the services you require, and expect, when purchasing a vehicle without having to deal with the stereotypical car salesman. Trade your non-modified vehicle in for a wheelchair van and get all the tax advantages available in your state and lower your overall cost. Dealing with a local ADA expert has its advantages!  To find an ADA dealer click here


Financing a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a difficult process. Most banks will only finance the vehicle itself, with a small allowance for add-on equipment. Due to the extensive modifications made to a wheelchair van, and the associated cost, wheelchair vans fall outside the financing formulas of banks and financing institutions that do not want to incur that additional risk. ADA dealers understand your vehicle is your connection to the world. They have worked with local funding sources to explain the conversion process, address the risk concerns and provide competitive sources of financing. Your ADA Dealer can help you secure financing for the vehicle, conversion and adaptive equipment together, saving you time and money. In many cases they have access to extended terms not normally available to vehicle financing. They work to make it affordable to maintain your freedom. To search for your ADA Dealer click here